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The Dental Implant Marketing


Are you ready to start placing implants in your practice but... you have zero dental implant patients coming in, no possible candidates, or maybe you had implant patients but now need more...

We have all been there... and it's not a fun place to be.

New Dental Implant Patients can literally save your month, your year, or your whole practice! They are high producing procedures that can change your whole practice around in a positive way!

I am sure you have seen what 1-3 new dental implant patients can do to your prodcutions and collections! It's exciting to see and ... dental implant work is exciting to do!

How many times does a patient of yours look in the mirror for the first time with their new dental implants on ... and ... start to tear up... they smile BIG for the first time in years... the patient may even burst into laughter and say "thank you" and give you a big hug because... you've given them a reason to smile again. Actually, you've done more than that... you've probably given them the ability to enjoy their favorite foods again, you've taken away their pain... emotionally and physically... you've changed their life.

This is what dental implants can do to you, your practice, and the people in your community.

It can improve your practice drastically... but better yet... it can improve a life drastically.

Now, how can you have more of this?

How can you find and attract more NEW Dental Implant Patients?

Well... we've created this FREE course just for you.. to learn how to bring in more dental implant patients into your practice!

Just take a look at what people are saying!


Are you ready to learn the best ways to attract NEW Dental Implant Patients?! 

Let's first take a look what's inside this course!

We have broken it down to 3 ways you can attract more new dental implant patients.

These are the most highly effective ways you can market for dental implant patients while producing remarkable ROI!

These 3 marketing avenues will give you PROVEN results.

So what are these 3 marketing mediums that help attract new dental implant patients?


Facebook marketing is social. Where is everyone today? On social media! What social media platform is currently the biggest and has the most users? Facebook! Better yet... how did you hear about this course?.... Exactly!  

Learning how to attract more new dental implant patients through Facebook can be complex but it will give you one of the biggest reaches out there! It will allow you to communicate all at once to your ideal patients! Today, technology is super advanced, with Facebook Marketing you can create your ideal patients, target them in your community, re-target them with Facebook Ads, and constantly reach new potenital customers.  

Start creating funnels for your facebook dental implant marketing campaign!  

And if you just read that sentence and said to yourself "I don't even have a Facebook Marketing Campaign.. and what are funnels?!" ... DO NOT WORRY... you are in the right place and in this course... the master, the one who basically created that sentence and the procedure on how to do it will be teaching you: Dr. Anissa Holmes.  

She is a dentist who has her own practice where she implemented everything she teached and teaches, and is helping thousands of dentist around the world do the same.



"Google it"... have you ever said that phrase? We don't even say "search for it online" anymore. Google has taken over and has become the answer for all of our questions and concerns. It's the most used search engine in the world. People search for everything on here... including where they can find the best dentist near them who does dental implants. But are they finding you?  

In this course Charles Biami, the founder of Driven Dental Implant Marketing, one of the most successful dental implant marketing agencies out there, teaches us the importance of utilizing Google AdWords and how you can target your exact... ideal.. dental implant patient!  

It's important to know who you're talking to when creating these ads, it's important to know how to create the perfect ads and what to write and say, and then... it's important to know how to make it all work and continue to make it work.  

Doing Google AdWords is very complex... but man OH man does it provide results, it's provided some of the best results I have ever seen!


Walk outside of your practice and take a look around you... what do you see? Businesses, stores, offices, corporations, homes... and maybe you ask yourself... I wonder how I can get those employees from that business, those customers from that store, the people in that location to come into my practice... well...that's where Ground Marketing comes in!

In this course I (Michael Arias), will teach you how to find dental implant patients through Ground Marketing. You CAN find plenty of new dental implant patients in a variety of locations in your community, however, in this course we will focus on 2 main locations where you can find new dental implant patients. I will teach you how to get in and get these new potential patients to sign up.. ON THE SPOT!  

Because that's what ground marketing is... seeing results as FAST as possible with your budget in mind. It's highly cost effective and the ROI is remarkable!

So... how much is this course? 

This course is...


So act NOW! 

Let's get started today! 


What is inside of this course?

Over 25 Video Lessons! Definition: This course is jammed packed with valuable, organized knowledge that will help you reach our goal of... obtaining more new dental implant patients! 

  Remarkable Resources Definition: Each unit comes with the resources you need to execute your next strategy and more!

  Learn How To Get Into Specific Business In Your Community Definition: You will learn how to get into specific locations in your community where dental implant candidates are! 

  Exclusive Private Facebook Group Definition: You will be a part of the EXCLUSIVE The Dental Implant Marketing Course Facebook Group. In this group you will be able to share with us all of your wins and success stories. You will also be able to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the course or services. You will also learn from others in the group and create friendships with the same goal!

Let's get a sneak peak of inside this course...


Unit One 

Introduction To The Dental Implant Marketing COurse

In this section I will break down for you just exactly what you will be learning in this course. I will also tell you how to join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for this course... and give you your first challenge!


Unit Two  

How To get More Dental Implant Patient Through Facebook 

In this lesson, Dr. Anissa Holmes talks to us about how she and her students around the world utilize Facebook Marketing to bring their ideal dental implant patients!


Unit Three  

How To Get More Dental Implant Patients With Google AdWords

Charles Biami goes above and beyond with explaining, showing you, and strategically planning your Google AdWords! This section alone has over 15 lessons and is jam packed with key pointers you must always keep in mind!


Unit Four

How To Get More Dental Implant Patients With Ground Marketing

Here I dive into exactly how Ground Marketing is a must for new dental implant patients! In this Unit I peel back strategies and teach you step by step (with scripts) how to go into locations to bring in more dental implant patients to your practice immediately!



What did Dr. Horwitz have to say about Google AdWords and what has been his ROI??

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Frequently Asked Questions  

How long do I have access to the course? Once you are enrolled in the course, you will have lifetime access.

What do I do if I need help? You will have your OWN private EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group once your enrolled in this course. That way we can answer any questions and concerns immediately.

Watch Michael do one of the strategies that you will learn in this course!

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