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courses is open for enrollment....

The Ground Marketing Course


I am SO excited to announce that The Ground Marketing Course is currently open for enrollment!  

This course has helped hundreds of practice owners and dentists be seen everywhere in their community, create deeper rapport with local businesses, attend & participate in tons of community events, bring in much more new patients immediately and consistently (I'm talking about attracting new patients within the week of watching just 1 strategy from the course), and becoming a brand authority (the "Go To” practice) in thier community.

But don't just take my word for it!

Ground Marketing has helped so many practices bring in new patients in a very low-cost way! 

...even before you open your doors to the public... you could already be at ease knowing you have New Patients ready to see you!


Let's take a look at what the course has inside and let's TRY and put a PRICE to the value this course will give you!

15+ Units of Packed Ground Marketing Strategies and Plans to take your practice to another level! Definition: This is the ULTIMATE course to learn ground marketing! Learn how to get into all of your community’s gyms (fitness facilities), local stores, schools, day cares, apartments, senior homes, and more! You will learn step by step… EXACTLY.. what I have been doing for years to attract new patients, build brand authority in the community, attend hundreds of events, become the “Go To” dentist in the community and more! You will do REMARKABLE Ground Marketing!  

PRICE: $10,000.00  

  Ground Marketing Tools Definition: In this course, you will receive PLENTY of tools to make you ground marketing super successful. A couple of these tools will be scripts that I personally use (to this day) to get into specific businesses and you can definitely customize these scripts as well. Other tools include specific tactics and workbooks that you will need to bring in new patients and dominate your community.  

PRICE: $4,000.00  

  LIVE Ground Marketing Calls and LIVE Ground Marketing Videos Definition: This course provides you with a “BONUSES” section where you will hear and see me ground marketing to senior homes, gyms. Listen and hear how I cold call a business and get a new patient on the spot!  

PRICE: $2,500.00  

  Learn How To Build Pipelines Definition: You will learn how to build relationships with Realtors, Health & Wellness Business (Ex: Massage Envy, Chiropractors, Elements Massage, etc.), banks, hotels, and more! Not only will you learn how to get these employees to come to your practice immediately, but you will also learn how to get their clients/ customers to start coming to you practice too!  

PRICE: $5,000.00  

  Learn How To Convert Your Leads Definition: It’s nice to have hundreds of leads sign-up to go see you.. but what matters most is.. if those leads actually walk through your door! This course teaches you how to call your leads and provides a strategy to effectively see great results.  

PRICE: $4,000.00  

  Yearly Community Support Definition: You will be a part of the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group: Ground Marketers. Here we share all of our wins and struggles. The group is here to motivate and inspire and answer any questions or concerns. You will learn from other ground marketers and here is where you will learn the latest proven tactics and the most innovative ground marketing strategies! You (or your ground marketer) will continue to grow in this group!  


What To Do During COVID-19

Definition: We have your back! We understand right now you are in crisis mode, you may be panicking a bit, and you are wondering what exactly you need to be doing to handle cancellations, emergencies, admin, your employees, even what the LAW has to say about your situation. There is a whole Unit with 10+ hours on this topic and what you could and need to be doing right now. We continue to add to this Unit every other day as well and update it so you are never EVER in the dark!

PRICE: Extremely Essential & PRICELESS!

Here's a little preview of what I'll be teaching...


Introduction To Ground Marketing

Here you will learn EXACTLY what Ground Marketing is, how you will use it to attract new patients immediately and build up your dental practice! You will also get homework and a challenge right away!


How To Do Community Research  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you EXACTLY how I start finding events, lunch & learns, local businesses, and more ground marketing opportunities in your community.


Ground Marketing To Fitness Facilities  

Here is where you start hitting the ground running! We immediately dive in and teach you the tactics to attract new patients from all of you local community's fitness facilities. 


Ground Marketing to Day Cares & Private Schools

In this lesson, not only will you learn multiple strategies to getting into day cares, schools, and pediatric offices! You will also learn tricks on how you can speak to the parents directly! 


Ground Marketing to Senior Living Facilities  

This valuable lesson is jammed packed with tremendous marketing tactics! You will learn how to get into all kinds of senior living facilities. I also teach you over 12 tips on what to do with seniors and what NOT to do when it comes to marketing.


Don't wait any longer...

I am giving you The Ground Marketing Course for...





Don't prolong your success!

Ground Marketing is what has helped hundreds of dental practices reach their new patient number goals and not only that... it has helped the community get to know you and your team more.

The Ground Marketing Course will take you through the whole process. We will discuss everything, from defining clearly what "ground marketing" is and how it WILL contribute to your practice's success.. all the way to you being able to attract and bring in new patients from all over your community!

Ground Marketing brings you results immediately!

The strategies and systems in this course have helped hundreds of practice owners attract new patients immediately! 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What do I do if I need help?

You will have your OWN private EXCLUSIVE Ground Marketers Facebook Group once you're enrolled in this course. That way we can answer any questions and concerns immediately. Thanks!

How long is the course?

I want you to hit the ground running! So once you get to lesson 3, I REALLY want you to start making things happen! However, this is no short and quick course, there are over 50 videos and this doesn't even include the bonus material. So definitely take your time with it but EXECUTE each strategy effectively!

Still thinking about it?

See what your colleagues and other practice owners genuinely think:



Learn how to get into local businesses, schools, day cares, apartments, senior homes, stores, medical locations, banks, and so many more locations in your community!  

You will be taught how to get into these locations, and you will also learn how to attract the employees and the customers from these businesses!  

and I CONTINUE to add more strategies to the course!!  

In less than 60 days from now, you could be welcoming a new group of eager new patients from all over your community into your beautiful practice!   

Don't miss out!