It's here...

The Pediatric Ground Marketing Course

It's finally here! 

A course that is ONLY for the pediatric dentist.

A course that brings you REAL results... real new patients... consistently and immediately!

Don't just take my word for it... see what other dentists and Ground Marketers are saying..

Ground Marketing has helped so many practices bring in new patients in a very low-cost way! 

...even before you open your doors to the public... you could already be at ease knowing you have New Patients ready to see you!


Let's take a look at everything the course has inside !

10+ Units of Packed Ground Marketing Strategies and Plans to take your practice to another level! Definition: This is the ULTIMATE course to learn ground marketing! Learn how to get into all of your community’s schools, day cares, tutor centers, children's clothing stores, and more! You will learn step by step… EXACTLY.. what I have been doing for years to attract new patients, build brand authority in the community, attend hundreds of events, become the “Go To” dentist in the community and more! You will do REMARKABLE Ground Marketing!  

  Ground Marketing Tools Definition: In this course, you will receive PLENTY of tools to make you ground marketing super successful. A couple of these tools will be scripts that I personally use (to this day) to get into specific businesses and you can definitely customize these scripts as well. Other tools include specific tactics and workbooks that you will need to bring in new patients and dominate your community.  

  LIVE Ground Marketing Calls and LIVE Ground Marketing Videos Definition: This course provides you with a “BONUSES” section where you will hear and see me ground marketing to specific locations. Listen and hear how I cold call a business and get a new patients!  

  Learn How To Build Pipelines Definition: You will learn how to build relationships with Lactation Consultants and Children Photographers! Not only will you learn how to get these employees to come to your practice immediately, but you will also learn how to get their clients/ customers to start coming to you practice too!  

  Learn How To Convert Your Leads Definition: It’s nice to have hundreds of leads sign-up to go see you.. but what matters most is.. if those leads actually walk through your door! This course teaches you how to call your leads and provides a strategy to effectively see great results.  

  Yearly Community Support Definition: You will be a part of the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group: Ground Marketers. Here we share all of our wins and struggles. The group is here to motivate and inspire and answer any questions or concerns. You will learn from other ground marketers and here is where you will learn the latest proven tactics and the most innovative ground marketing strategies! You (or your ground marketer) will continue to grow in this group!  

Here's a little preview of what I'll be teaching...



Introduction To Pediatric Ground Marketing Course

Here you will learn what the course is all about and I will share with you a Challenge that I want all of my Ground Marketers to do! In this unit we also introduce the location where you can share all of your wins and struggles with my team and I.



How To Create Your Starter List, Community Research, & Radius Check 

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you EXACTLY how I start finding events, lunch & learns, local businesses, and more ground marketing opportunities in your community.



Ground Marketing To Day Cares 

In this unit we cover everything there is to know about Day Cares, how to get into each day care, what to do if the day care does NOT want you to come in, and how you can attract new patients ON THE SPOT while you are at the Day Care.



Ground Marketing to Private Schools

Public Schools and Private Schools are completely different when it comes to Ground Marketing, but don't worry, I got you covered. In this Unit we learn how to get into Private and Public Schools.



Ground Marketing to Pediatric Physicians/ Medical Offices

In this Unit we cover how to not only build lasting relationships with your pediatricians, but how you can also be their go to referral!


I am giving you The Pediatric Ground Marketing Course for


 Just look at what Ground Marketing can do for your practice!


What did Dr. Castro have to say about Ground Marketing and what has been her ROI??

The strategies and tactics in this course have helped hundreds attract new patients immediately and ... it's literally the foundation for the strategies I use today. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

How long do I have access to the course? Once you are enrolled in the course, you will have access for a year. 

What do I do if I need help? You will have your OWN private EXCLUSIVE Ground Marketers Facebook Group once your enrolled in this course. That way we can answer any questions and concerns immediately. Thanks!

How long will it take me to finish the course? This is no short and quick course, there are over 40 videos and this doesn't even include the bonus material and the consistent material that we continue to add monthly. So definitely take your time with it but EXECUTE each starategy effectively! I recommend you do one strategy per week. If that is too much, then slow it don and do a strategy a month. My main purpose with this course is for you to be an EXCELLENT Ground Marketer and ALWAYS attract new patients.

How long does Open Enrollment last?

You will have from October 17th (Thursday) at 5pm PST to October 21st (Monday) 5pm PST to purchase/ enroll into this course. Once the date and time pass, you will no longer be able to enroll into this course.

Don't prolong your success!

Ground Marketing is what has helped hundreds of dental practices reach their new patient number goals and not only that... it has helped the community get to know you and your team more.

The Ground Marketing Course will take you through the whole process. We will discuss everything, from defining clearly what "ground marketing" is and how it WILL contribute to your practice's success.. all the way to you being able to attract and bring in new patients from all over your community!

Ground Marketing brings you results immediately! On the spot and even on paper!


"It was perfect...!" - Dr. Kapil Kella


In less than 60 days from now, you could be welcoming a new group of eager new patients from all over your community into your beautiful practice!  

Learn how to get into local businesses, schools, day cares, clothing stores, Chamber of Commerce, learning centers, medical locations, photographers, and so many more locations in your community!  

You will be taught how to get into these locations, and you will also learn how to attract the employees' family and the customers from these businesses!  

...and I CONTINUE to add more strategies to the course!!  

This means the course will go UP in value... and that also means... so will the price!  

Don't miss out!  


p.s. Enrollment is only open from now until January 21st, 2020.